Physical Therapy
  1. Manual Therapy
    Specialized Hands-on treatment to facilitate improved biomechanics, mobility, and function.
    Manual Therapy is a type of Physical Therapy in which we use our hands to implement changes in the soft tissues (fascia, muscles, connective tissue) and joints to improve mobility and function. Our most commonly used techniques are: Dry Needling Myofascial Release Muscle Energy Technique (MET) Joint Mobilization Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF)
  2. Pelvic Floor Specialty
    Internal and external pelvic/abdominal/lumbo-sacral evaluation and treatment by a Physical Therapist specialized in the Pelvis and Pelvic Floor
    Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and Pelvic Pain can be very debilitating for Men and Women, both physically and emotionally. Some common diagnoses we see are: Pain with Intercourse (Dyspareunia, ejaculatory pain & dysfunction) Urinary & Fecal urge & Incontinence Pudendal Neuralgia Testicular/Penile pain / Vulvar pain / Erectile Dysfunction Prostatitis / Post Prostatectomy, Vasectomy, and circumcision Pain Interstitial Cystitis / Bladder Pain / IBS / Abdominal Pain
  3. Custom Orthotics
    Evaluation and casting for custom Biomechanical Foot Orthoses.
    We utilize subtalar neutral casting along with a through evaluation of lower extremity biomechanics to fabricate an orthotic that works well with your body and activity level. Orthotics help to improve lower extremity biomechanics and allow for optimal function every time your foot hits the ground throughout your very active and busy lifestyle.
  4. TMJ Dysfunction
    TMJ dysfunction and headaches are commonly caused by increased muscle tension.
    Temporamandibular joint dysfunction and headaches can go hand in hand and can be quite debilitating. We evaluate and treat for the mechanical dysfunctions around the jaw, face, head, and neck which may help to restore better balance to this complex region.